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cosplay progress post \o/

1. ballgown dreamer nepeta (wip) - it didn’t take me too long to make the skirt, i still have to neaten it up and add more beading/detailing. otherwise it used to poof out, so i fixed it to have more of a bell shape. the top is gonna be a pain to make

2+3. trickster zillyhoo - i think this is the first trickster zillyhoo ever! i havent seen any others so idk i might be mistaken. i made it out of foam board, random boxes, cardboard, and pvc pipe. with blood it looks a lot better uwu

4. fem!trickster john- dress is done, hood is done, i have the socks. the wig, shoes, and glasses are out of the picture. im trying to find a way to put the lollipop on my head, maybe ill just attach it to the hood? trickster zillyhoo goes with this outfit

theres still a lot more work to do but i have about 3 months

nycc here i come!

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